Waiver & usage policy

This form must be filled out and signed before using our saunas.

General & medical information

Always check with a doctor before using a sauna if you are pregnant, diabetic, heart conditions or any other medical condition. This includes a history of fainting or dizziness and any metal, pin, rod, artificial or surgical implants, including silicon.

By signing this waiver you agree to our usage policy, understand the risks and have consulted with a medical professional prior to use. You understand and take full responsibility for your health whilst using our saunas. Anyone using our facility assumes full responsibility for any such medical condition, which includes but is not limited to the usage of any medications that you may be taking which could result in a medical emergency or putting yourself in harm’s way. You acknowledge that you know your own limitations and assume all risks associated with using our saunas throughout the duration of your visit and after.

You are advised to drink plenty of water before and after your sauna. There are taps on each sauna for filling up bottles and cups, or please ask a member of staff if you need water. It is also advised to eat at least 1-2 hours before your sauna session.

Sauna usage


Rooftop Saunas’ saunas range in temperature but are usually around 80 degrees celsius. Prolonged exposure in a sauna may cause you to overheat. It is advised that you limit each use to 10 minute sessions or use the sand timer located above the door in the sauna. You must know your own limits and do not feel pressured to stay in because other members of your party are able to stay in a sauna for longer. If you start to feel dizzy, nauseous, faint, sleepy, then exit the sauna immediately.

Alcohol, drugs, medication and the right to refuse entry

Consumption of alcohol, drugs or other medications before and during your sauna is not recommended and anyone found intoxicated will be refused entry to the sauna. We hold the right to refuse entry to anyone who is deemed physically unfit to use our saunas.

Smoking & e-cigarettes

Smoking, vaping and the use of e-cigarettes is not permitted in the sauna area or inside the saunas.


Do not bring metal, phones or any items that could retain heat, overheat or get damaged into the sauna. Please remove jewellery that could cause injury from overheating and scalding or wear at own risk. Rooftop Saunas does not accept responsibility for any lost, damaged or stolen items.

Entering & exiting

Use care when entering and exiting the sauna. There are two doors, one of which is glass. Do not run in the sauna area and do not leave personal belongings lying on the floor.

Sauna mis-use

The saunas are solely for the purpose of relaxation and improved well-being. The saunas are not for indecent exposure, partying, dancing in, or any kind of sexual or illicit behaviour. Anyone found mis-using the saunas will be asked to leave immediately and banned from future use.

Understanding the risks

I understand that the sauna is solely for the use of relaxation and improved well-being. I confirm I have consulted a medical practitioner beforehand for usage for any of the medical conditions listed above but not limited to. I will immediately exit the sauna if I feel unwell.I agree that this waiver is effective for all sauna sessions and that staff are not medical professionals, nor are they able to advise on medical conditions and usage for the saunas. The use of saunas is for 18+ and I consent that I am over 18.

I acknowledge that I accept the risks associated with using the saunas and I voluntarily assume the risk of injury, accident or death which may arise from using the facility. I hereby waive and release Rooftop Saunas from any and all liability past, present and future related to sauna sessions.

I understand that Rooftop Saunas does not take any responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen items and it is your sole responsibility to look after your belongings.

I freely accept and fully assume all risks, damages and hazards and the possibility of personal injury, death, property damage and loss.